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I knew John very well while we both worked for OUP. We enjoyed many a joyful lunchtime discussion about life, music and especially the way in which his music had been quashed by the modernists at the BBC. He played me tapes of Kublai Khan and the Clarinet concerto. I persuaded him at the time to pursue Chandos to get some of his music recorded and I am delighted that, at last, his work is getting more recognition. Not enough, for sure, but more is good.
from John Manger
HOT NEWS!! John Veale's 2nd Symphony is now commercially available from; ref CDLX 7332
from Sarah Veale
Julia, thank you. Are/were you Julia Rosenthal? If so I remember you too. (If not thank you anyway!) Sarah Veale - John's daughter.
from Sarah Veale
My parents knew John Veale and I remember his daughter Sarah from school. John gave my father a privately produced record of the Clarinet Concerto and Kubla Khan. My father wrote out Coleridge's poem on the record sleeve. I loved both pieces as did my brother. That record now lives with him in South West France.
from julia
Veale's music is amiong some of the most hauntingly beautiful I have ever heard. How can one gain access to his MSS in order to study some of this marvellous material, please?
from Gareth Vaughan
I heard the Concerto. What a great piece, one in the grand tradition! The first movement alone would make a complete work, so full of ideas and brilliance from that first violin entrance soaring upwards through to the sparkling end. Why haven't I heard of this fascinating composer before?
from Peter French

Having heard John Veale's Violin Concerto on the Chandos CD I am amazed that it is not played on Radio3, Classic FM or in concerts. The slow movement is as passionate and beautiful as any that I have heard.
from Roy Collins


Andrew Imbrie
his outstanding qualities as a musician and person commanded the respect and friendship of his colleagues….(he lectured) on British music of today, in a manner which was both entertaining and instructive.


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