1944 Symphonic Sketch for orchestra
1945/7 Symphony No.1 (rev. 1951)
1st performance 1948 – CBSO/Weldon
1947 Love’s Labour’s Lost
(incidental music for OUDS production)
1947 Winterset
(incidental music for OUDS production)
1948 The Masque of Hope
(incidental music for OUDS production)
1948 Crown Film Unit
all-purpose music (film music)
1949 Panorama for orchestra
1st perf. 1951 - LPO/Boult + Proms. 1955
buy 1950 String Quartet
1st perf. 1950 - Berkeley, California
1951 Elegy for Flute, Harp and Strings
1st perf. 1952 – Boyd Neel/ Richard Adeney/Maria Korchinska/Boyd Neel Orchestra
Listen 1953 Clarinet Concerto
1st perf. 1954 – Fell/LSO/ Sargent
1954 The Metropolis, concert overture
1st perf. 1955 – LSO/Groves
buy 1954 The Purple Plain
 (film music)
1954 War in the Air
film no. 12 in BBC series (film music)
1954 Tennessee Venture
promotional documentary for Bowater (film music)
1955 Portrait of Alison
 (film music)
buy 1956 The Spanish Gardener
 (film music)
1956 Kubla Khan (Chorus, Baritone and Orchestra)
1st perf. 1959 – John Carel Case/BBC Chorus/ BBCSO/Schwartz
1957 High Tide at Noon
 (film music)
1957 No Road Back
 (film music)
buy 1959 The House in Marsh Road
 (film music)
1961 Freedom to Die
 (film music)
1962 Emergency
 (film music)
buy 1963 Clash by Night
 (film music)
1964 Symphony No. 2
1st perf. 1968, Gipps/London Repertoire Orchestra
1966 The Song of Radha
(Soprano and Orchestra) (rev. 1980)
Listen buy 1984 Violin Concerto
1st perf. 1986 – Gruenberg/ BBCPO/Downes
1986 Demos Variations
1st perf. 1993 – BBCPO/Leaper
1988 A Gift for Sarah
 (film music)
1987/9 Apocalypse
(Chorus and Orchestra)
1993 Triune
(Oboe, Cor Anglais and Orchestra) – 1st perf. 1994 – Nicholas Daniel/Oxford NCO/Zreczycki
1994 Encounter (for two guitars)
1st perf. 1996 – Richard Hand and Tom Dupre
1994 Sydney Street Scenes
1st perf. 1995 – Jacobean Singers and Instrumental Ensemble/ Sutcliffe conductor, on Australian Radio
2000 Impromptu (for solo recorder)
1st perf. 2000 – John Turner
buy 2000 Triptych (for Recorder and Guitar)
1st perf. 2001 – John Turner - recorder, Craig Ogden – guitar (arranged for Recorder and string quartet) – 1st perf. 2003 – John Turner/ Rivali Quartet
2003 Symphony No. 3
1st perf. 2006 – Wordsworth/BBC Concert Orchestra
buy 2016 Symphony No. 2
It was written in 1965 and had not previously been recorded commercially. Catalogue number is CDLX 7332

Prof. Hugh Allen
JV has a decided gift in the direction of musical composition….He brings to his work definite originality of mind and a determination to achieve things in his own way of musical thought and of setting out. He certainly has something to say.



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